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The Laboratory

The Laboratory activities deal with vegetation history, wood use and land use changes during the Holocene in the Mediterranean area and in other world regions.
The investigation is mainly based on macro and micro-charcoals analysis focusing on the history of Mediterranean trees and forests; botanical macroremains and pollen are also processed. Research especially focused on understanding historical biogeography of Castanea sativa, Juglans regia, Quercus suber, Abies alba, Pinus nigra, Pinus pinea, Prunus persica and Vitis vinifera.
More recently Lab activities extend to detect and increase the value of the cultural landscape (plants and artifacts) in rural and urban areas and the diagnosis and conservation of Wooden Cultural Heritage.
Stable collaboration exists with other labs for AMS dating, isotope analysis, soil science, vegetation modelling, GIS analysis, archaeology and environmental reconstruction.
We like to support motivated students’ projects!

Research News & Announcements

Nasce l’Area Archeologica di Pava

Posted on lug 22, 2014 in Outreach

Il racconto del paesaggio e la fruibilità del racconto Sabato 26 luglio alle...

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A new archaeobotanical study of Italian Roman ports

Posted on lug 4, 2014 in Research

In Roman times the Tyrrhenian coast was characterized by a deciduous forest and...

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Musei e paesaggi culturali

Posted on lug 2, 2014 in Outreach

Un’alleanza strategica per la tutela e valorizzazione del paesaggio ICOM...

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Da un pozzo etrusco la storia del vino nel Chianti

Posted on lug 2, 2014 in Outreach

La scoperta sul poggio di Cetamura: adesso si studieranno i 372 vinaccioli...

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Our new research on Medieval farming in central Italy

Posted on gen 16, 2014 in Research

The einkorn was a “cultural” element of the Lombard farming,...

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Our new research paper about the Sila massif, Calabria

Posted on lug 15, 2013 in Research

In a study published in Quaternary International, Emilia Allevato, Gaetano Di...

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