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Late Holocene landscape changes in central Italy

Posted on gen 3, 2015 in Research

From 200 BC to AD 1300 the landscape on the Etruscan coast in central Italy changed completely independent of climate In a research paper...

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The Late Holocene history of silver fir

Posted on ott 8, 2014 in Research

Is silver fir a relic species with no potential to expand its spatial range? Is silver fir a mountain species? In a study published in the...

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A new archaeobotanical study of Italian Roman ports

Posted on lug 4, 2014 in Research

In Roman times the Tyrrhenian coast was characterized by a deciduous forest and wood for shipbuilding was of local provenance In a study...

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Forest history and human impact on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria

Posted on set 27, 2013 in Research, Slide

Our team is reconstructing the landscape history of a Bronze Age settlement Although the Bronze Age development in Southern Italy has...

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Metallurgy and forest landscapes in the Colline Metallifere (central Italy)

Posted on lug 26, 2013 in Cultural Landscapes, Slide

Which was the woodland during the intensive period of forest use? The archaeological research carried out in the Rectory of Saint...

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Our new research paper about the Sila massif, Calabria

Posted on lug 15, 2013 in Research

In a study published in Quaternary International, Emilia Allevato, Gaetano Di Pasquale and collegues report the results of a...

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Our new research on the history of the Mediterranean vegetation during the last 2000 years

Posted on mag 30, 2013 in Research

An “anthracological” response to the debate on the role of climate and humans in spreading evergreen vegetation In a study...

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