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The Roman sailors’ food

Posted on feb 17, 2015 in Cultural History of Food Plant

Dry fruits for the long sea crossings A detailed study of the macroscopic plant remains recovered on the palaeo-seafloors of Neapolis...

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A new archaeobotanical study of Italian Roman ports

Posted on lug 4, 2014 in Research

In Roman times the Tyrrhenian coast was characterized by a deciduous forest and wood for shipbuilding was of local provenance In a study...

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Wood analysis of the Roman shipwrecks of Naples

Posted on set 27, 2013 in Slide, Wood Anatomy and Cultural Heritage

The Roman carpenters knew very well the technological and structural properties of the various timbers Wooden elements from three Roman...

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Chianti wine’s origins down a well

Posted on lug 27, 2013 in Cultural History of Food Plant, Slide

The discovery of Etruscan grape pips explores the history of viticulture in a region famous for its bold reds The recent discovery of...

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