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Adriano Fiori’s Xylotomotheca

The copies of the Adriano Fiori's xylotomotheca in Messina and Portici.
Several copies of the “Xylotomotheca Italica”, a peculiar collection of exsiccata comprising some hundred thin sections of woods, were prepared in 1905-1927 by Adriano Fiori. Such copies were sold to many italian botanical institutes.
An extensive work of studying, tidying up, and cataloguing has been carried out in order to trace the historical events, the conservation state and further details on the collection housed in the Museum of Agricultural Science (MuSA). Unpublished information on the presence of the “Xylotomotheca Italica” in Italian herbaria is also provided.


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Allevato, E., Di Pasquale, G., & Ricciardi, M. (2009). La collezione “Xylotomotheca Italica” di Adriano Fiori nell’ “Herbarium Porticense” (PORUN). Museologia Scientifica Nuova Serie, 31(1-2), 35–38.